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Benefits for veterinary nurses

Veterinary nurses who graduate from an ACOVENE-accredited programme have attained a known minimum standard of knowledge and skills

The programme has been subject to expert visitation and ongoing monitoring by the Board

Achievement of an ACOVENE-accredited programme is recognised by most registration bodies, thus speeding the process of professional registration.

The Accreditation Committee for Veterinary Nurse Education is a voluntary organisation founded in 2007 to accredit veterinary nurse education programmes in Europe.

Veterinary nurses are increasingly significant members of the veterinary team in European countries. Whilst every country has its established systems for their education and training, a more standardised approach assists registration bodies and veterinary employers to facilitate the movement of qualified veterinary nurses between European states. ACOVENE accordingly sets standards for the delivery of veterinary nurse education and stipulates the minimum curriculum content for an accredited programme.

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