Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Animal Care
26 Maggio 2024

Pioneering Event for Veterinary Technicians: Inaugural International Congress ATAV in Rimini, Italy


The picturesque city of Rimini, Italy, played host to a significant milestone in the veterinary community with the inaugural International Congress of the Association of Veterinary Auxiliary Technicians (ATAV) on May 25-26, 2024. This landmark event coincided with one of the largest Veterinary Medicine Congresses in Europe, drawing veterinary professionals from across the continent to advance their knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities.

A major highlight of the Congress was the esteemed line-up of speakers, notably Julie Dugmore, RVN, Chair of ACOVENE (Accreditation Committee for Veterinary Nurse Education). During her session titled “ACOVENE and the Importance of Accreditation,” Julie delved into the critical role of accreditation in veterinary nursing education. She emphasized that accreditation ensures the quality and integrity of veterinary nursing programs, thereby contributing to the advancement of the profession as a whole.

The 1st International Congress ATAV presented a unique opportunity for veterinary technicians to come together, exchange ideas, and enhance their skills.

Post-congress, Julie shared her thoughts on the event, highlighting its success and impact. "I was delighted to attend the Associazione Tecnici Ausiliari Veterinari (ATAV) conference for veterinary technicians in Rimini. This first international conference end of May 2024 saw 240 delegates attending presentations on both clinical and non-clinical topics and provided valuable networking opportunities. As part of my presentation, I discussed the importance of accreditation in maintaining and improving the standards of education, ensuring graduates are confident and competent reflective practitioners well-prepared for the demands of their professional role."

In addition to Julie's sessions, attendees were treated to a diverse range of topics covering various aspects of veterinary medicine, from clinical care practices to emerging trends and technologies. Noteworthy talks included those by Andrea Pace and Pascale Fuchs, who spoke on emergency and critical care nursing. Their presentations covered essential topics such as triage, dehydration, ECG, pulmonary nursing, and customer service respectively.

The Congress served as a hub for knowledge exchange, fostering collaboration and innovation within the veterinary community. The event's success has already sparked anticipation for future conferences, with attendees highly recommending participation for the wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities it offers. Julie Dugmore added, "If you get the chance to attend a future conference, I would highly recommend it."

The inaugural event in Rimini has set a high standard, marking a significant step forward in the field of veterinary care. Veterinary professionals left the Congress inspired, armed with new insights, and ready to implement best practices in their respective fields. Rimini, with its rich history and beautiful scenery, provided the perfect backdrop for this ground breaking event, ensuring it will be remembered as a pivotal moment in veterinary technician education and collaboration.

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