Pioneering Event for Veterinary Technicians: Inaugural International Congress ATAV in Rimini, Italy
2 Giugno 2024
World Zoonoses Day: Expert Insights on Nursing Patients with Zoonotic Diseases
1 Luglio 2024

It Is Rabbit Awareness Week!


Matthew Rendle, RVN, is sharing insights from his extensive experience in nursing rabbits within veterinary practice. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the care and management of rabbits, emphasizing the unique challenges and considerations involved in their treatment.

"RVNs play a vital role in the care of our rabbit patients in practice. Despite being the third most popular pet in the UK, they are classed as exotic pets. RVNs learn a little about their anatomy, physiology and species-specific nursing care whilst in training and then RVNs with an interest in rabbit nursing will often undertake extra courses or CPD on the species once they are qualified.

Rabbits can be very challenging to nurse as, being a prey species, they are very good at hiding ailments. They do not show pain or discomfort in the same way as our cat and dog patients and often require more time and a hands-off approach to be able to properly assess them. They are also considered to have a higher anaesthetic risk, therefore making thorough anaesthetic monitoring vital.

Good nursing care can truly makes a big difference in pet rabbits' health and welfare and can positively impact clinical outcomes. "


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